Bucket List 2020: 10 Experiences In The City To Tick Off This Year


    You’ve probably jumped into a Virar fast and then been pushed out at a random station, done your morning walk at Marine Drive, eaten at Leopold and Café Mondegar’s, sat in a horse-carriage at the Gateway of India, pigged out with friends at Carter Road and maybe even caught a play at Prithvi theatre, and then caught the sunset at Juhu beach.

    While these are a part of Mumbai’s essence, there’s a lot more to see and discover in the City of Dreams. Here’s a list of experiences you should NOT miss out on, in the city you call home.

    Cycle Around Town At Midnight

    It’s the Mumbai you’ve never seen before – asleep and beautiful. Don’t miss out on a chance to explore the city through by-lanes and catch a glimpse of the history that’s all around you. There are a number of cycle tours in the city – overnight tours and even early morning tours that take breaks and you also end up with a lavish spread at the end of the tour. 

    Heritage Walks In The City

    Come weekend and we make a list of things we could possibly do to keep ourselves entertained during that time – from ordering food to even planning a sleep schedule. But, most of us haven’t considered exploring the city and getting to know it better. Sure, we’ve done the ‘walking while shopping’ bit but that really doesn’t count for much. Here’s your chance to get the most out of your holiday and have a close connection with the city you call home. There are a number of weekend walks in the city, based on what you really want to do – Irani food trail, book trail, South Mumbai heritage walk, Bandra heritage walk – you name it.

    Flamingo Watching, Sewri

    Every year, flamingos fly in from Kutch and land up in Mumbai’s Sewri region. While they arrive during the winter months, the best time to catch a glimpse of them is from November to March. There are numerous other birds to catch your fancy right here, so don’t give this a skip.


    Meditate At The Global Vipassana Pagoda

    Located near Essel World and Water Kingdom, this pagoda is an oasis of peace for all those who want to just meditate. With mantras being chanted, it’s one place that can surely calm your nerves and senses. The entry is free for all and visitors have a choice of doing either a 10-15 minute vipassana session or a 10-day vipassana session.

    Check this out.


    Sail On The Arabian Sea

    There's few things more iconic than The Gateway Of India. Book a spot and sail on the Arabian Sea at sunset for mesmerizing views of some of the city's most well-known landmarks. And really, is there anything better than watching a spectacular sunset with the breeze in your hair and a drink in your hand? We don't advise you try this in the monsoons.

    Dine With The Koli Community


    Available Online
    If you're a foodie and a seafood lover, you definitely shouldn't miss out on this curated dining experience. You can book this meal experience online via Authenticook. As part of the experience, you'll get to savour a wide range of Koli specialties like spicy cooked clams, fish fry, bhakri, and a delicious coconut dessert. The meal is in a traditional Koli community home, so you're sure to feel at home.

    Explore The Fascinating Bylanes Of Dharavi


    Dharavi, Mumbai

    Book yourself on to the Dharavi tour to see what life is like inside its lanes. Walk around, visit homes, talk to the residents and see how an entire industry has evolved out of their skilled labour. There's an entire vibrant craft market within these bylanes. From pottery, recycling, leather tanning and other businesses, there's a lot to explore. You'll be guided by a local, and the tour takes 2.5 hours on foot. Check out Reality Tours & Travels for the experience.

    Explore Elephanta Island

    Elephanta Island has a lot to offer the curious visitor that goes beyond just the world-heritage caves. From its natural beauty to its historic past, there's plenty to explore. Book a ferry ride to the island if you plan on going it solo, or sign up with one of the many tour companies like Swadesee for a local experience.

    Trek To The City's Highest Point

    We have a national park right in our backyard and it's rather surprising what little use we have made of it. SGNP is a treasure for nature enthusiasts and one of its most popular trails leads you to the Jambulmal Peak. An easy route, it brings you face-to-face with nature as you explore one of the city's major green lungs.

    Explore Mumbai's Hidden Chinatown


    Mazgaon, Mumbai

    Explore Mumbai's own hidden Chinatown in Mazgaon. We've discovered what is left of Mumbai’s Chinatown, complete with the Kwan Tai Shek Chinese temple and cemetery. The temple is simple, with the alter, a large table with artifacts, markings on the walls and scriptures all in red and gold. Located a few metres away from the busy Dockyard Road train station, it is difficult to imagine that this area was once a thriving Chinese neighbourhood and community. You'll need to request the caretaker to let you in if you decide to visit. Read more here.