Ten-Second Takeaway

Beer enthusiasts, this is not a drill. You can get tequilla-flavoured beer, as well as bourbon and masala wine-flavoured beer at Sammy Sosa in Andheri.

Beer From Around The World

If you, like us, have always been excited about travelling to other countries just so you can try out the beers they serve there, don’t look further afield than Andheri. Sammy Sosa with its multi-cuisine dining also has quite a collection of international beers, lager and ales  with unique flavours distinguishing them all. The bar menu has curated these beers from at least 30 countries. They have beer from The Netherlands, Barcelona, France, Wales, Belgium and even Japan.

One of our favourites is the Amigos, the tequilla-flavoured Mexican beer exclusive to Sammy Sosa {INR 429 a pint}. It’s light with a tad bit of tang to it. Apart from this, the collection also includes Viru beer, a vanilla-flavoured beer brewed in Lithuania, The Beer of Barcelona from Spain, Kronenburg and Kronenburg 1664 from France, Hoegaarden, a popular Belgian white wheat beer. This is not all: they also have Old Tom {with flavours of roasted nut and chocolate} and Trooper, a Welsh beer brewed by the Robinsons in Wales.

So We’re Saying…

Ditch the passport and expensive tickets to Mexico or Belgium, because you can get a taste of their beer right here in Andheri. Since these have been imported from these countries, the prices reflect on a higher end, we recommend giving these world beers a try.

#LBBTip: They also serve Amstel but only in cans.

Featured photo source: Cipher via Flickr [CC BY-SA 2.0]