Ten-Second Takeaway

Thane’s first cafe with an outdoor space and a terrace,The Waterhouse Deli, spans 5000 square feet, and has an expansive garden, indoor and terrace seating to chill in.

Chow Down


They’ll be cooking continental and Italian fare. Expect your minestrone to be served in small or big portions. The idea to serve soups according to appetite is a great idea, for there are some who like their soup portion to be minimal. Options never hurt, especially if they start at INR 70.

We’ll give their smoked paprika hummus {INR 190} and dabeli bruschetta {INR 180} a try. Their Mongolian-style chicken at INR 220 and kheema pav would make for a good Sunday brunch order.

Sip On

Those looking to pair up their food with a pint of beer should look away and go elsewhere. They have mocktails start at INR 120, tiki drinks at INR 150 along some smoothies on the menu as well.

So We’re Saying…


We love that most of the decor is made from reused materials such as wood, iron and papers that are eco-friendly, while adding modern amenities to the setup. The cafe has a rustic, chic garden lounge vibe which pays homage to the nature. Since the weather is not wreaking havoc right now, a rooftop lunch or dinner date is now feasible in Thane.

Photos source: The Waterhouse Deli