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The Kaitlyn Beer Garden Is Ready To Leave You Awestruck!

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What Makes It Awesome?

The Kaitlyn beer garden is ready to leave you awestruck with mesmerizing french side country decor. Truly a heaven for beer lovers their brand new bar is stocked up for those extended party plans. The moment you enter through the humungous wooden door, you are all set to witness colourful and beautiful decor. The pillars are transformed into decorative trees. It exudes a garden-esque feel while modern music adds value to this place. The compact seating space is comfortable and managed thoughtfully. The beer menu is extensive and offers the classic ones like Belgium wit, stouts and more. Experience the local British bar food to European comfort food, they will awe you with the delectable array of food delicacies.

✨Bar Bites✨
Homemade Cheesy Nachos - This Tex-Mex appetizer had crispy tortilla chips which were loaded with cheese sauce. The in-house made tortilla chips were so well made that it goes really well with the spicy salsa. Truly delectable and yum. The cheesy appetizer is complimented by the salsa in true sense. So making this dip to the perfection is of great importance. The one served here was made of tomatoes, onions, jalapeños, chillies, and lemon. Right in consistency and texture, I couldn't stop gulping them. A great appetizer indeed! Highly Recommended.

Hummus & Pita - This classic middle eastern appetizer doesn't need any introduction. One of the most trending and popular Lebanon delicacy was next. The hummus was made of chickpeas, garlic, tahini, lemon juice and was topped with red chilli and olive oil. This Levantine dip is a protein-packed spread. The pita bread accompanied it really well. The in-house baked pita bread was fresh. Highly Recommended.

Cheese Stuffed Cigar - Was curious to try this all because of the ingredients used and the preparation made. Phyllo pastry was stuffed with cheese and bell peppers. It further had the base spices. The outer crust was crunchy and deep-fried till golden brown. While the inner portion was soft and cheesy. Spicy enough to tickle your taste buds. Those cheese cigars were served with a pesto sauce. The sharp and prominent flavour of pesto did not overpower the overall taste rather it worked as a perfect dip. A good option to try.

✨Flat Bread✨
East Meets West - In-house made freshly baked flatbread is loaded with garbanzo Falafel, chickpeas and hummus. The use of Levantine dip on this flatbread enhanced the taste while the falafels had a Crispy and crunchy outer crust. Mildly seasoned and flavourful. The right amount of cheese over it creates a balance between different ingredients. Cheesy enough making it an ideal pizza setup. The blend of east and west was one of its experience. Highly Recommended.