An Authentic Japanese Restaurant In Worli!

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What Makes It Awesome?

I have had mizu on my wish list for such a long time. And now finally I get to be here. The ambience is so pleasing with dim lights, Asian crockery, paintings extra, making the place look an absolute Authentic Japanese place with the perfect vibes with the music being Played. The menu doesn't include cocktails but Mocktails is a definite try from here. They have the traditional alcohol named Sake which is a must-try. The staff here is very courteous, quick and they guide you the best if you are going to try Japanese cuisine for the first time.

Must try would be:
1. Pomegranate yuzu- It's a very pure drink of pomegranate with egg white foam.
2. Guava Togarashi- A classic guava chilli combination drink.
3. Appletini- Apple juice with a touch of sparkling soda.
4. Orange basil Mohita - The very traditional orange juice with the mix of basil in it.
5. Bao Glazed Pork Belly- The spiced bao has a stuffing of Lettuce, Glazed Pork with the taste of sweet and spicy mix, topped with spring onions making it have a different texture altogether.
6. Gyoza Prawns Manipuri Bamboo shoots- Traditional Japanese street style dim sum where the dim sum is cooked by pan-frying and steaming on a pan. The Prawns filling wrapped inside is so juicy and so subtle Making it the best dish to start your meal with.
7. Yaki Shimaji Wrapped Bacon sheets- Yaki is kind of Japanese skewers where Shimaji is a type of mushroom which is glazed and the wrapped with Bacon sheets making it a very juicy and a dish filled with a variety of flavours. Loved it!
8. Ramen Sapporo-
The dish I have got no words to explain how this dish is a Star at this place! Bone broth with pork and duck egg, with mushrooms, seaweed, corn and Hand-pulled inhouse Noodles making the dish a Masterpiece of the place. The best of the dish is it has Narutomaki which is topped on to the ramen which is kind of processed fish cake.
9. Autumn Lantern-
The dish is served by the Chef Himself making it a very special experience dining experience. The dish has edible bee wax, with four different layers of filling that is. Caramelized apples, custard, sake jelly, and custard. Such a beautifully presented dish.
10. Matcha aduki Apple. - It's the best dessert I have ever had in my life. The dish has Apple sorbet, with dates mix, truffles, Macha compote topped on an apple custard which is on the bed of date based dry fruits. The best dessert I have ever had and it's a must-try!

Loved the experience here ♥.

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