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    Brain Freeze Ice Cream & Desserts:
    # WAFFLE
    Their waffle is so good that it'll melt in your mouth and it is exactly what they claim. Very rarely we find the perfectly crisp waffle; they are crispy, light and flavourful. You can create your own waffle with 3-4 waffle base varieties, many options for sauce and toppings and a range of A-Z² Ice cream Scoop flavours.

    (1)Chocolate waffle with
    Sauce: Nutella
    Ice Cream Scoop: Naughty Nibbles
    Toppings: White Choco Chips

    (2)Chocolate waffle with
    Sauce: Milk Chocolate
    Ice cream Scoop: Tendor Tough
    Toppings: Sprinkles

    Cost : Approx ₹170/-

    One Bar, one dip, three toppings.
    Iconic and uncompromisingly delicious.

    (3)Rock Chocolate bar coated with Belgium Chocolate, topped with Sprikles, Choco chips and drizzled with Dark Chocolate.

    (4)Cookie Blues bar coated with Nutella, topped with Sprinkles, Choco chips and drizzled with mesmerizing White Chocolate all over.

    (5)Pop Rocher bar coated with White Chocolate, topped with Sprinkles and Gems Chocolate completely drizzled under Belgium Chocolate.

    Cost : Approx ₹100/-

    # HOT SEAT
    Freshly baked chocolate brownie with a lot of hot chocolate with your choice of ice cream scoop and toppings garnished with chocolate sauce.

    (6)Red Velvet Hot Seat with Naughty Nibbles Scoop, Sprinkles and Chocolate sauce.

    (7)Chocolate Hot Seat with Very Vanilla Scoop, Choco crackle balls and Chocolate sauce.

    Cost : Approx ₹150/-

    Approx Cost: ₹500/- for two people.