A Modern Indian Restaurant Offering An Amazing Fusion Food & Drinks

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What Makes It Awesome?

Veranda is a modern Indian restaurant in Bandra. The Indian cuisine has got new and stylish look ate veranda!!!.. The restaurant is known for its refreshing drinks and really amazing food.

The place has a really vibrant and cosy Ambiance. At the entrance, they have put up some of the antiques, which were on sale. Veranda has sitting capacity of around 100+ people, the cosy Ambiance makes this place really amazing.

The menu has really widespread and has really amazing dishes to try. The interesting names are really worth for dishes. The staff here is really polite and helpful. The place at the lunch was quite peaceful.

Out their amazing spread of menu, we tried
Cottage cheese trilogy: The cottage cheese marinated in 3 different gravy. The tomato gravy was little spicy, the paneer with malai was little sweet, and the Spinach gravy was balanced. Overall all the 3 types of paneer was balancing each other. A nice dish.

Pablo seekh aso kebab: Kabab here is really amazing. The soft kababs were cooked properly and served with sauce. The soft kababs could have been little spicy. But the taste was amazing.

All veg stir fry: The Thai rice and salad made with Thai curry were just amazing in taste. The flavours were coming out really well. The rice was cooked properly and the combination of rice and salad was just delightful. A must try dish.

Butter Paneer: A pure Punjabi flavoured paneer, prepared in butter and mild red gravy. The taste was really delicious. The texture of the gravy was mind-blowing. A highly recommended dish.

The desserts here are also next level. The fusion desserts were the highlight of the menu. They serve eggless dessert options as well.
Out of the amazing range of desserts we ordered,
Gulkand choco bar: Creamy ice-cream candy topped with gulkand and the chocolate syrup. The most amazing and delicious dessert ever had to date. Highly recommended dessert. The flavours were coming out really well. The Gulkand along with the chocolaty creamy ice-cream was just amazing.

Also, we tried,
Masala cutting Kulfi: The cutting chai style a kulfi of masala tea flavour is something new which we tried. The flavors were really amazing. And the taste was just perfect. A must try dessert if you are a tea lover.

The veranda also has a really nice and refreshing range of drinks the flavours and the presentation were really amazing. Out of all the drinks we liked,
Mixed berry lemonade and Chocolate & basil lemonade (this was something new we tried, chocolate syrup in Mocktails) but that was just giving us more refreshing flavours. Highly recommended.

Overall had a great time with friends. A big thanks to the Management for the amazing hospitality and delicious food and special thanks to Mr. Ranjit for great hospitality.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Bae