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The Body Balancer Treatment At Team Vanity Is A Game Changer

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What Makes It Awesome?

Super speciality salons are mushrooming all across the city, and the newest entrant in this list is Team Vanity in Khar. Started by makeup artist and skin expert, Pakkhi Ahuja, this salon excels in skin, hair and body treatments, along with giving you specialised looks for important occasions. 

I tried their amazing Body Balancer treatment and there's much that I've got to say about it. First of all, the treatment claims to get you rid of all the bloating in your system and make you lose a few inches. Naturally, before I went in I had to look it up a bit and here's what Google threw at me- "Ballancer Pro is an inflating compression garment, both a jacket and pants worn separately, made out of parachute-like material containing 24 overlapping air chambers that apply fluent compression strokes to targeted areas for 30 to 40 minutes." Sounds intense, right? The process was quite the opposite. 

As I got in the room, I was first asked my medical history and if I had any injuries they should be warned about. We then moved on to identifying my problems areas and taking measurements. When done, I was legit made to wear a suit (I felt like an astronaut for the first 10 seconds, I've got to admit). The best part is that you wear it over your clothes and so it's all super hygienic and nothing touches your skin. Once you're all tucked in, all you've got to do is lay down and not worry for the next 40 minutes. Over the course of the duration, you will be gently massaged by the suit (I never thought I'd say this), and there will be focussed pressure in certain areas such as the groin, knees and calves. The science behind it, as explained to me by a member of the salon and Google is "it's forcing the congestion of the lymph nodes to be drained".

During the process, fluids are collected from different areas, bringing back your central circulation. At the end of the session, you feel massaged and surprisingly, lighter. Now I didn't think this would work too well on me, given I'm already lean and didn't particularly have any body fat issues. But then, life always throws surprises your way. When we took my measurements after the session, I had lost almost 4 inches on my thighs. I had no clue I was actually very bloated. 

Coming to the price, this treatment will cost you an upwards of INR 3,000 per session, however, if you choose one of their many packages, you will be eligible for a discounted rate. 

Over all, I had a fabulous experience at Team Vanity, and I can't wait to go back and try some of the many interesting things they have on offer. 

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