Now, You Can Buy Perfumes Inspired By Mumbai, Chai, And The Movies


The Bombay Perfumery is selling unusual and beautiful perfumes with fragrances inspired by Indian experiences – an afternoon tea, an old-school day at the movies, or a stay in a city.

What Is It?

This brilliant perfumery from the heart of Mumbai has bottled up the scents of our favourite things, including the whiff of a cup of tea. Perfumes usually tend to get redundant, so much so that one can always guess this inevitable gift from its packaging. This contemporary fragrance house, however, has managed to stir up these notions and create the unexpected.

Each perfume has been concocted with the idea of evoking a memory each time their scents are put on. The choices offered are Calicut, 1020, Chai Musk, Madurai Talkies, Les Cayes, Moire, Sulawesi and Seven Islands. Each comes in a minimal white box, which – surprise surprise – opens like the petals of a flower with artwork. Inside this is the white-capped transparent 100ml bottle with black text on it. The perfumes are priced between INR 3,900 and INR 4,100.

Although The Bombay Perfumery has been in existence for a long time, providing the essential ingredients for perfumes to companies, this is the first time they have created their own perfumes using Indian and international ingredients. In order to execute this, Manan  has worked with noses who know their job and International perfumers such as Jacques Chabert, Alexandra Carlin, Pierre Kurzunne and Tristan Rostain on board.

Anything Else?

There are two unisex fragrances – Chai Musk and 1020, three for men {Calicut, Les Cayes and Sulawesi} and three for women {Moire, Seven Islands and Madurai Talkies}. These are available for free shipping all over India, and can be ordered on COD, too. A perfume comes in an attractive bottle and is priced at INR 4,100. We tried out the chai musk fragrance and absolutely loved the way it smelled.

If you love perfumes and would like to try out interesting attar bottles, we found a cool place where you can buy rain-fragranced attar too.

So, We’re Saying…

Out with the boring florals and the musks, in with these gems from The Bombay Perfumery. Suddenly, perfumes don’t seem like the most boring, predictable gift, eh?

Order yours online here.