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Loved Tooth Fairies As A Child? We Found Book Fairies For The Bibliophile In You

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Every time your tooth fell and you waited for the tooth fairy to come tuck a goodie under your pillow is probably your favourite memory from childhood. What if we told you that with you, the tooth fairy also grew become a book fairy who leaves novels in different parts of the city for you to find and read?

The Book Fairies Mumbai is a community of lovers and readers of the written word doing just that, and making a lot of people smile, while they're at it.

What Makes It Awesome

The concept of book fairies first arrived in Delhi from where it spread to Bengaluru and now Mumbai. A small community of those who love written word, The Book Fairies Mumbai is a steady community spearheaded by their chief fairy, Kadambari who along with other volunteers drops her favourite books at unsuspecting locations, inviting a passerby to go on, take the book home, enjoy a read and leave it at another location to pass on the book. You can find books of all genres- of mystery, love and poetry that have been left behind at Mani Bhavan, David Sassoon Library and a few well-known cafes in the city so far.

You're probably never going to catch a book fairy {just like your good ol' tooth fairy}, because they look just like anybody else and get in and out of spaces before you can even comprehend what happened. However, the only sign they leave behind is a book that is marked boldly with a green and white sticker that identifies it.

‘'Take this book to read, read it & leave it for the next person to enjoy”, says the label on the book.

If you happen to get your eyes on one of these, please take it home carefully, and upload your read on Instagram with the hashtag #ibelieveinbookfairies and tag the account @bookfairies_mumbai, so that they can track these chosen books.

How to find out more, you ask? Just follow their account on Instagram and you can check for clues and hints leading to the treasure.

Hurry, and waste no time for that book can be yours!


Share the love! You too can sign up for becoming a book fairy {now that you now that there is no such thing as a real fairy}, by buying yourself the stickers from their official website. Once you've bought them, contact their HQ in Mumbai and get set to hide!