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    Hungry Bibliophiles, You Can Order In A Book You Can Eat

    Bhavika posted on 05 April

    What Is It?

    Reader, did you ever imagine that the tooth fairy would one day grow up and graduate to a book fairy, who leaves novels in parts of the city for you to find and read? Yes, it’s true. And The Book Fairies Mumbai is a community of lovers and readers of the written word doing just that.

    And this Edible Book Day , they are partnering with The Curious Reader, Scootsy and Sweetish House Mafia to create delicious books you can eat! All you need to do is place an order on Scootsy and the first 10 customers will get the edible book and another free book {with some other gifts} from Book Fairies Mumbai. You can get more info on their Instagram page here.

    Oh My Word

    In early 2017, when Emma Watson began leaving books in nooks and corners of London, we all oohed, aahed and promptly pressed the heart button on our Instagram. The actress did this in collaboration with the organisation, The Book Fairies on International Women’s Day to leave the books picked by her online book club ‘Our Shared Shelf’.

    People across the world have since then picked the concept, joined the movement and become book fairies. In India, it first began in Delhi, then Bangalore and now, Mumbai.

    The Book Fairies Mumbai is a small but steady community spearheaded by the chief fairy, Kadambari who along with other volunteers drops her favourite books at unsuspecting locations, inviting a passerby to go on, take the book home, enjoy a read and leave it at another location to pass on the book. Books of love, poetry and intrigue have so far been left and found at David Sassoon Library, Mani Bhavan, a few cafes in the city, among other spots.

    How Do I Spot A Book Fairy?

    Chances are, you won’t ever really spot a book fairy, as they mysteriously flit in and out of spaces, leaving behind only a book marked boldly with a green and white sticker identifying it. The label reads, ‘Take this book to read, read it & leave it for the next person to enjoy”. If you find any of these across the city, remember to take it home safely, and if you can, put a post on instagram with the hashtag #ibelieveinbookfairies and tag the account @bookfairies_mumbai, so that they can track these chosen books.

    If you follow their Instagram account here, you can look for clues and hints leading to where the books are hidden. Hasten, and that book can be yours.

    So, We're Saying...

    The Book Fairies are for real. Santa Claus – now, that’s a conversation for later. Follow them here, and keep on reading.


    You too can become a book fairy. Just buy yourself the stickers from the official website here, contact the Mumbai HQ and get, set, hiding.

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