Pani Puri, Waffles, And More: Dualist Inquiry/Sahej Bakshi Reveals His Mumbai Secrets

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We caught up with the Dualist Inquiry aka Sahej Bakshi before his gig at Wink, Taj by Vivanta President in Mumbai where he played sick tunes from his latest album, ‘Dreamcatcher‘. Sahej who keeps shuttling between Delhi and Mumbai, chatted with us about his Mumbai life. An ardent coffee lover, cat loving human and a dedicated musician, he shares his local spots with us. Read on.

Go-To Street Food

Bakshi, who’s first a Delhi boy and then a Bandra boy revealed his favourite street food joint – a pani puri wala on Waterfield Road, outside Pranay Classic Building. He swears by it, and tells us the panipuri walla has been there for almost 30 years now. The spices are right, and the size is big enough to live up to the Delhi’s golgappas standard.

Favourite Venues and Post-Gig Bars

Starting off with the obvious choice, Bakshi’s numero uno performance venue is antiSocial, Khar. The Daily Kitchen & Bar is another place where you can catch Bakshi on the weekends {especially during the live gigs}.

On his regular chilling spots, the now Bandra boy likes to chill at Doolallys and Ibar {the latter is shutting down now, unfortunately}. For cocktails it’s the Fatty Bao {he loves his bourbon, whiskey-base bitter cocktails these days}.

Favourite Restaurant And Eating Places

On the loaded question of his favourite restaurant in town, Bakshi excitedly tells us he is absolutely obsessed with Chef Kelvin Cheung’s Bastian on Linking Road. His go-to dish? Bastian Boil which includes a mud crab, prawns, corn, potatoes, sausages served with a bread basket. For dessert, he loves the sinful Bastian’s cheesecake {INR 500}.

Kofuku is another restaurant that Bakshi confesses to frequent often. It’s easy on the pockets, dishes live up to the expectations and the ambience is just about right for a quiet dining out experience. For the late-night survivals, like other Bandra regulars, Sahej loves to gorge on the butter chicken at Mini Punjab’s which he often gets home-delivered.

Go-To Hangover Cures

Yep, even The Dualist Inquiry falls trap to the those night of endless drinking. For this, Bakshi shares his go-to hangover fix – Kickstart smoothie {INR 270} at the Sequel Bistro & Juice Bar for its organic ginger hit. No guilt there fellas.

Favourite Coffee In Town

Unabashedly, Bakshi is a self-confessed caffeine addict whilst he sips the coffee at Wink. When in Mumbai, Bakshi gets his brews from Blue Tokai Roasters. His picks? Barbara light, Attikan Dark {INR 325} and Bibi Plantation AA {INR 325} which he brews at home.

For flat-whites, Bad Cafe is the right place, something Bakshi tells us he hasn’t been able to find a lot in Mumbai apart from there. 10/10 for the flat-white coffee there.