Chill With Nine Dogs, Camp Out & Watch Movies Under The Stars At This Farm

    What Is It?

    The Farm, just a little bit outside of Pune, is a simple getaway for people looking to reconnect to their roots and go back to the primitive nature of things. It’s a huge patch of forest that has been transformed into a lush habitat of diverse flaura and fauna, and if you want to stay there, pitch a tent and enjoy the simple living.

    Back To The Basics

    The Farm is a lovely project undertaken by Protecterra Ecological Foundation, a charitable organisation that aims to reconcile the gap between a person’s ability to bring the change at the grassroot level and actually making it happen. The core philosophy is, “The concept is to work with the mind, tap the resources within and heal the self.” Therefore, The Farm, in its very essence is a place for people to reconnect with themselves, with the nature and give back to the environment.

    The Farm is run by Pooja Bhale who stays at the site in a tent with her dogs, cats and other farm animals. Situated on the outskirts of Pune on the NDA road, it’s a green oasis that is sustaining itself with nature.

    How Do I Get There?

    The Farm is just two hours and 30 minutes away from Mumbai by road. The Farm is on the NDA road and is easily accessible by the road as well as buses that ply to Aundh or NDA.

    #LBBTip: While booking your stay with them, you will get the directions.

    Why Should I Go?

    The Farm isn’t your run off the mill resort. It’s a kind and nurturing space where you will get to participate in their activities and unwind yourself in the most natural way.

    You can rent out a tent with a mattress. If you’d like to contribute, you can cook at the community kitchen, or simple ask for home made meals. Apart from this, they have a huge organic farm – and if you’d like – you can farm there or learn about the different saplings they sow there.

    Other simple farm activities include following a nature’s trail, a day out for and with your pets, or simply chilling with the farm animals {they have nine dogs}. They also offer outdoor yoga, meditation, and open air movie nights along with live gigs. Just give them a call and they will customise the itinerary for you.

    So, We're Saying...

    It’s an ideal place for families, or people who love to camp out. For families with kids, at The Farm you can even engage in pet therapy for your kids as they have plenty of sweet dogs, cats and cows on their farms.

    #LBBTip: You can even volunteer with them. Just call up, and they’ll be happy to share the on-going projects.

    For more information, go here.

    Contact: Pooja Bhalve 9960100550