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Go Organic: This Farmers Store In Bandra Has The Best Local Produce

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Where can you get fresh gluten-free bread, organic rice, peanut oil and vegetables from across the country in the same place? At The Farmers Store in Bandra – that’s where.

From The Root To The Fruit

One of Mumbai’s most popular Sunday markets, The Farmers’ Market in Bandra has transfigured into a brick-and-mortar store on Ambedkar Road. This venture has been started by Rahul Pabreja and Mithran Jayan, who are associated with the D’Monte park Farmers’ Market {which is still on every Sunday, by the way, so don’t worry}.

On the shelves and floors of this grocery store, they will keep organic grains, fruits and vegetables, spices, bread and milk sourced directly from farmers and local businesses. Instead of booths and stands, there will be sackfuls of produce from across the country – be it spices from the Himalayas, grains from North India, bread from Bandra’s very own The Village Shop, free-range eggs and more.

The Farmers Store won’t be limited to only food and grains. They plan to keep in their store even organic beauty products such as essential oils {including a lovely apricot oil for the face}, and eventually even natural fibers clothing.

Apart from only organic produce, they will also keep bio-dynamically produced grains, wheat, rice, etc.

So, We're Saying...

You no longer have to wait for Sundays to get fresh produce. Carry your jute bag to The Farmers Store and create some space in your kitchen.

Customers are welcome to shop at The Farmers Store starting next week, July 24. Timings are from 8am–10pm. Follow them on Facebook here