Fried Chicken, Momos & More: A Guide To Eating Outside Kanjurmarg Station

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We strolled around the busy Kanjurmarg station and found you some places you can enjoy delicious street fare at. We started with wondering how Huma Mall {the mall that houses Thyme Bistro} manages to survive, despite the odds against it. Not finding the answer after contemplating for a few minutes, we steered towards the lane that leads to the station.

The Spot

The busiest eatery was The Spot – a fried chicken and burger joint that proudly sells a black patty burger, shunning all the fanciness that fine diners throw at us. We got it at INR 90. The eatery remains busy during office hours and you can find people stopping here for a snack. Their chicken buckets boasts of 8 pieces, sold at INR 300. Do stop by for a burger for they can give any American franchise a run for its money.

Mamledar Misal

The Thane eatery has opened up its second joint in this lane and we told you about it earlier here. While the original taste was a little off for us, we did enjoy getting our fix of spice by ordering a medium spicy misal for INR 50. We couldn’t muster up the courage to call for their spiciest variant.

The Appetite Momos

For there is no greater love than the love of momos. The momos here were generously stuffed with chicken/mutton or cheese. The eatery is also a busy one, but people queue up graciously. Get yourself a plate of steamed momos at INR 65 {half plate at INR 40}, mutton momos at INR 99 {half plate at INR 60} or cheese momos at INR 70.

Cool Point

What could you possibly buy fpr INR 17? You can either get yourself a smoke or go for the fruit milk at Cool Point. It almost seems like it’s stuck in the past with its pricing. The milk came with apple shavings and other seasonal fruits. Served in disposable glasses, it did cool us down after a long walk to Kanjurmarg West, where we couldn’t find anything interesting to eat.

So, We're Saying...

If you’re around, give these eateries a visit. If you pass by these eateries and don’t give in, time to do that.


Former Editor, LBB, Mumbai