The Golden Triangle In Byculla Is One Of The Prettiest Decor Stores We've Seen In The City

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What Makes It Awesome

If your heart skips a beat every time you've seen a gorgeous artefact, a beautiful painting of a stunning piece of wood, then there's no way The Golden Triangle will not lure you in with all its beauty. A massive 7,000 sq. ft. store in Byculla, TGT is new, yet has an old world charm you can't help but notice. Tastefully designed, this store is home to anything and everything you may think of when it comes to decor- artefacts, accent furniture, accent chairs/sofas, decorative lights, art frames, dining ware and so much more.

What really stands out about this store is the way they bring together different cultures. Given India is a melting pot for diverse cultures and has always taken pride in being so, TGT further enables this ideology. Each and every corner of the store has been passionately designed, making sure you get a taste of the era gone by and the times yet to come. Get ready to spot some vintage furniture paired with modern artefacts. The fact that everything here is curated and sourced from around the world, it only brings you one step closer to styles and trends from beyond India. Fun fact: their modern and contemporary collection is sourced from almost 7 countries including Hong Kong, China, Turkey, Thailand, Indonesia, Italy and Germany.

Overall, we're in love with the gorgeous space that TGT is and we can't wait to bring home everything they have to offer. So if you're a decor junkie too, then you have to battle the rains and fight the heat but make your way to this store.