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The Infamous Coffee House In Mumbai Serves Some Amazing Frappes & Lattes


    What Makes It Awesome?

    A tiny (5/6 seater) cafe that serves some delicious as well as innovation dishes. From the outside, The coffee House looks like a store but on the inside, it is exactly what a cafe should look like! A bookshelf, coffee mugs in the display, a string of fairy lights along with a windowpane, coffee mug and coffee quotes Wala wall art - everything coffeeish.

    If you are somebody who likes solo eating or solo reading in a creative corner, walk into this place! You will enjoy it. The Cafe is a one-man army because the owner Mr Mayur handles everything from cooking to attending tables to coordinating online deliveries all alone. The first time we went here we ordered a Maggi thinking that since it's one individual only the service may be slow! But oh my, this man is as fast as a machine.

    We have arranged all the dishes that we have tried as per the taste (The best ones first) :

    Maggi+ Nachos (179 Rs): This is cheese Maggi sitting on a bed of nachos. It isn't as simple and plain as it initially sounds. Perfectly cooked Maggi is placed on thin, crispy (in-house) nachos and what goes in is mayo, cheesy jalapeno sauce, and Peri-Peri sauce and chilli flakes. On top of it, you have a melted cheese slice. Garnish ka garnish and taste ka taste! Highly Recommended! (Caution: Gets soggy, Click lesser pictures, eat faster).

    Oreo Mocha frappe( 159 Rs): Like Oreo? Like chocolate? Like coffee too? Order this Asap! Slightly heavy on the tummy but worth it, too good for the price one pays.

    Caramel mocha frappe (159 Rs): For all the cold coffee-frappe lovers! Exactly the right consistency for a frappe. The taste of Caramel is not too overpowering over the taste of the coffee and that is what we loved the most about this dish.

    Good day crunch (59 Rs): A dessert that is quick for the chef to cook but is very delish. Good day crumbs are made into a base, crushed chocolate rolls are added and hot chocolate is poured on top of all this! Heavenly, right? Tastes like a fudge. The best part of the story is - arrives extremely warm onto your table within minutes of ordering it. Great quantity. Again heavy on the tummy but a great delight for people with a sweet tooth. Worth the money.

    Chat: Chat is again, not on the online menu but is available and oh my, what different kinds of panipuris! Cheese Pani Puri, Mayo Pani Puri,
    Peri PeriPani Puri, JalepenoPani Puri, Schezwan Pani Puri, and chocolate Panipuri. We did not love these dishes exactly - they were just alright! Tried all of them on one occasion and we were disappointed with the chat section of the menu.

    Overall: Worth the money, worth travelling for and the best of all - delivery at home is the best of their services! Recommended.

    How Much Did It Cost?

    Under ₹500

    Best To Go With?

    Family, Bae, Kids