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Pan To Plate: This Sandwicherie Is Serving Up Gourmet Gooey Grilled Cheeses


    What Makes It Awesome

    I have a family that understands that my happy place is good food. And that's exactly how I was introduced to Meanwich and their delicious grilled cheese sandwiches when I found two of their G.I.Y. or Grill It Yourself kits delivered to my doorstep. 

    Started by Jishnu Sarkar, The Meanwich is a cloud kitchen that serves up artisanal grilled cheese sandwiches across Mumbai. Always passionate about food and cooking, the lockdown (and his friends) gave Jishnu the push to start his own food delivery business. With time to spare and cooking every day during the lockdown, he found himself whipping up recipes from food blogs like Tasty, Alzamar Kitchen, Tarla Dalal and more. It was on one of these days that it struck him that we have precious little options for ordering gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches in Mumbai. And so the idea for The Meanwich was born. After a few test runs, the finally launched it on October 3.

    Meanwich is focused on quality ingredients. They use no processed cheese - they use 5 different cheeses that they blend according to the sandwich, the bread is Theobroma's sourdough and they source the rest of their fillings and fresh herbs and ingredients from trusted vendors. The packaging is eco-friendly (yay!) and each sandwich comes with a side of fries. Among the vegetarian options you can opt for The Recess (230 INR) The Big Fun Guy (260 INR) The Si Senor (260 INR) The Garden Ramsay (270 INR) and non-veg has The French Connection (300 INR) The Dad’s Favourite (310 INR) The Idiot Sandwich (330 INR) Ok, major shoutout to these creative names!

    I got a hold of the French Connection and The Dad's Favourite. The portions were generous and my kit came loaded with fries and a mayo-mustard combo to grill with. The Dad's favourite (a bestseller, we hear) packed with shredded chicken doused in their homemade barbeque sauce, french onions and covered in a 3 cheese mix went down VERY well. It was super easy to grill - I tossed some butter in the pan and followed the rest of their instructions - and the sandwich did not break when I flipped it (success!). The cheese melted perfectly and the balance was spot on. 

    I got to say, I was really happy with my order/gift. It came with a handwritten note and I was forwarded instructions on how to manage the GIY Kit. You can of course get your sandwiches pre-grilled, but if you live at a distance, I suggest the kit as you get your sandwiches hot and gooey with minimal effort!


    Delivery is not included in the price. Roughly, for a 5km radius from Powai, they charge 20 INR, 6-10km they charge 40 INR and anything farther than that they charge 50 INR. They accept pre-orders till Thursday 10pm and then deliver it over the weekends in a slot of the customers choice between 11 am to 2pm or 6pm to 9pm.