The Only Restaurant In Mumbai Which Is Inspired By The Grand Trunk Road

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What Makes It Awesome?

Taftoon Bar and Kitchen offer classic Indian dishes from the Grand Trunk Road with cuisines from Afghanistan, Peshawar, Punjab, Lucknow, Haryana, Bengal and Bangladesh with dishes like Bapa Mach, Paneer khurchan, shakarkand ki Tikki and more.

Have you ever had a feeling when you found the food so good that you wanted to kiss the chef's hands and thank him for blessing you with such a wonderful and on point meal? Yes, that's what happened with me at Taftoon Bar & Kitchen.

Succulent, meaty, and well cooked – that’s how we like our kebabs, in portions (definitely) more than one. But till the end of this month, the only legit place to enjoy kebabs is Taftoon as they present their meter-long meat in style.

As you enter, they serve piping hot Kashmiri Kahwa as a complimentary drink. The drink sets the right vibe for your meal.

We tried:


Chottey chole kulche 10/10
Dahi buttarian kebab 9/10
Gualir ki tikki 10/10
Soya ki Chaap 10/10
Chicken tikka 10/10


Barwan kadai 9/10
Maa cholia ki daal 10/10
Tawa kheema boti 10/10


Lal naan 9/10
Baquerkhani 10/10
Raampuri paratha 10/10
Zaferani jaftoor 10/10


Khaju anjeer ki kulfi 10/10
Shufata 10/10

Silk route 10/10
An ode to kripling 9/10
Banarasi tidda 9/10

Overall experience:
Service 10/10 - The service here was exceptional. The entire staff is well versed with all the dishes and give out some amazing suggestions. They're very attentive and pleasant.

Food - 10/10

Ambience - 9/10

My experience here was absolutely delightful and I recommend this place to everyone who wants to enjoy a little bit of North India in Mumbai. Cheers :)

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group

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