Experience The Parsi Cuisine At This Beautiful Restaurant In Andheri


    What Makes It Awesome?

    Jumjoji - The Parsi Diner, Cited at The Orb (Level 1) shares its entrance with JW Sahar off CSIA. It is all set to spoil you with authentic Parsi cuisine, a dimly lit set up with crystal chandeliers, wooden framed structures & the piano oozing a mix of an antiquated contemporary vibe, appropriate for all diners (Couples, Fam, Corporates). Stepped in here, we were warmly greeted and treated.

    Initiated by sipping on the Watermelon Mojito & Pudina Lemonade, they have tried to keep it as natural as possible no sweeteners or artificial flavouring used, this was unusual & nice.

    The menu is beautifully conceived with every dish giving you a mini story of the inception and description of the food prep.

    Called for the following:
    -Kolmi Nu Kebab: Minced prawns coated in mild spicy crisp crust ball-shaped kebabs deep fried, mild traces of oil were lite and yum accompanied 2 mayo dips which complemented the kebabs well.
    -Patrani Macchi: Pomfret in a green marinade of mint and coriander had a nice sweetish tinge wrapped in a banana leaf & steamed, the star dish of the day. Go for it.

    -Prawn Patio + Tawa Paratha: Hot & Sweet, prawns sautéed & simmered with onion tomatoes, tangy mildly spicy, slightly high on oil content nevertheless it was yum paired it with tawa paratha.
    -Mutton Dhansak: Delight! Mutton beautifully cooked melts on the palate, effortless. Paired it with caramelised brown rice, the classic meal.

    -Raspberry Ice-cream: In house prep, the lovely flavour seemed like a sorbet cum ice cream, (serving 2 scoops)
    -Lagan Nu Custard: The Parsi style caramel custard, delectable, infused with dry fruits, it had lovely essence of cinnamon, well set was yum.

    Warm Hospitality by the entire floor team Pranali was a good host, prompt service by table attendant Aakash, the staff is considerate & courteous.

    Ps: The Vibe Is Suave & Soulful instrumental numbers in the background will uplift your spirit, super pacifying.

    What Could Be Better?


    How Much Did It Cost?

    ₹1,000 - ₹3,000

    Best To Go With?

    Family, Bae, Big Group.