The Quintessential Middle Eastern Affair At The End Of South Bombay!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Bay route - In absolute awe with this place!

Whether you sit down to gaze it’s decor (the hot air balloons on the ceiling), or just relax and hear the soulful Turkish music at the background - Bay route has broken all stereotypes in its segment.

Centric toward serving middle eastern cuisines and bringing you dishes of authenticity- Bay route shows and proves what elegance looks like to a different level.

The middle eastern Experience included -

Greek Goddess- a milk-based drink that has the berry kick. Sweet and Sour to the apt level.

Lemon Mint - lemony zest with some crushed iced and crushed mint - can’t go wrong. Yum!

Feta and Pine nut stuffed falafel- the blend of the falafel giving it its actual roots of the middle eastern culture - feta and pine nuts!

Mushroom Kubbat - a tikki kind of a dish filled with mushrooms and other herbs. Also served alongside lettuce and different greens.

Cottage Cheese Shawarma- comes in two forms platter and wraps - opted for the platter one here.

Comes with the smokey type panner (cottage cheese), 3 dips - 2 hummus and one salsa, alongside pita bread. Was kind of a make your own platter and could surely feel the taste and the ingredients individually. - YUM!

Muhammara CM- quinoa balls made middle eastern. Of course, goes with the hummus so well!

Baklava - I remember having this back in 2015 when an acquaintance of mine had got this from Istanbul. Today I can say I had one proudly without travelling that too the most authentic one! (So generous with the rose petals and the pistachios)

Being a lazy afternoon and wanting to get the feel of this place, even more, We decided to end this beautiful experience with their Teas-

Zaffrani - well well! Don’t put those sugar sachets, let the love of saffron do the talking! So smooth!

Karak Chai - no words, it’s amazing!

If you’re a first timer to such a cuisine or familiar with the middle eastern culture, - Bay route takes it all and will surely take your breath away Commendable Stuff!

Best To Go With?

bae, family and friends.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000