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Check Out Amazing Mexican Burrito, Lebanese Shawarma & Italian Pizzas Here!

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Rolling Big is an amazing outlet located in SoBo, which serves a good variety of delicacies. Honestly speaking, their combination of flavours are totally justifying every cuisine they serve, be it Lebanese Shawarma, Mexican Burrito and so on.

We tried the following dishes:

#1 Dynamite Prawns: Batter dipped Prawns deep fried and served with their own spicy cheese sauce or they call it the 'Dynamite Sauce'. This has been our personal favourite because they serve it hot and each bite has a blast of flavours in it, right from dynamite sauce to the deep fried prawns. Highly recommended.

#2 'The Sultan' Chicken Shawarma: You can say this is a healthy shawarma rolled in Tortilla and NOT in Pita bread. Tastes exactly how a lebanese shawarma should taste like. Stuffing inside contains marinated, roasted and tender boneless chicken, fries, hummus, garlic sauce, pickled carrot and cucumber. It's served with a garlic dip and hummus dip. You really gotta have one big bite to have all the flavours flowing in your mouth. We absolutely loved it.

#3 Hummus with Chicken and Pita bread:Much much better option for Health Conscious Non veg lovers. Hummus generally has a bland taste, the roasted shredded chicken adds a boosts up hummus to taste even better than the regular hummus. Just lil drizzle on olive oil and you're ready to hog it up!

#4 Bob Marley Burrito: Burrito that makes you go high (because of flavours :-P, not what you have it in your thoughts) The chef has brought the whole of Carribean into this roll. It has Carribean jerk lamb, seasoned tangy rice with kidney beans, salsa (all the burrito things you know!) The roll is so big that a bite of it oozes out sauces from your mouth (haha, it turns messy but worth to give it a shot)

This dish is a tribute to Bob Marley, as he belonged to the carribean country, Jamaica.

As the name suggests 'Rolling big', the rolls, the really roll it big and right! And the flavours too roll into our mouth, making us go Ummmmmmmmmm! XD

Restaurant ambience is totally in sync with their flavours they offer. People working there are really good at heart and they love what they do. We would highly recommend y'all to visit Rolling Big and hog some flavourful delicacies.