Delicious Afghani Shawarmas Start At Only INR 60 At This Food Joint In Malad



    The Shawarma Fellow is an amazing eating joint in Malad and their Afghani shawarma is worth every penny.

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    In Malad and hungry? We’ve found the most budget-friendly and delicious quick fix. With no ambience to boast about, The Shawarma Fellow is a new and small joint doling out delicious shawarmas that are filling and light on the pocket. Their Afghani {INR 80} and Mexican {INR 70} shwarmas are the best of the lot and we suggest you get yourself one of these the next time you’re in the vicinity. There are a few other options too, with the regular one starting at just INR 60. Located at Orlem, this joint is soon becoming a hit with the locals around and the flavourful aroma of the shawarmas is enough to lure in the passersby.

    So, We're Saying...

    If Lebanese food and a shawarma sounds like a great idea, then check out The Shawarma Fellow in Malad.