The Unknown Temple

    Worli, Mumbai

    When I’m sauntering on Worli Seaface, I sometimes head towards a lesser known cultural insignia of Mumbai – The Worli Koliwada. This 800-year-old Koli fishing village is home to one of Mumbai’s best-kept secrets, the Golfadevi Temple – the Goddess who speaks to its devotees.

    Such is the veneration of the Devi, that fishermen often take her permission before going out to sea. If the permission is denied, they wait back. Problem conceiving? Unemployed? Marriage issues? Devi is privy to most problems faced by this fishing community, answering hundreds of devotees unfailingly everyday {except Wednesday morning – her day off}.

    What To See

    How does she answer these queries despite being an 800-year-old stone idol? The answer is Vermillion, the priest, two silver marbles and abundant faith.

    The resident priest places two silver marbles on each of the two orange sticky vermilion patches on the goddess’s shoulders at the exact same time. Traditionally, if the right marble falls first, Golfadevi has answered in the affirmative. If the left falls first, it’s best to stay away from the waters.


    For all those sceptics, I have been going there for the past 5 years with my hundred kilo frame and asking her if I’m ever going to lose weight. Appropriately and unfortunately, the marble on the left has been getting some workout.

    Where: Golfa Devi Temple Rd, Koliwada, Worli

    How To Get There: Turn left at Worli from the SeaLink. Take a left from the regional office of Mumbai’s coastguard and start walking up towards Worli Fort. The temple will be shortly before the fort.

      Worli, Mumbai