From Salman Khan To A Rainforest: Top Themed Restaurants In Mumbai You Just Can't Miss


    Ever felt like running away from your daily routine and monotony and escaping into a whole new world? Themed restaurants definitely provide the much needed break from everything ordinary and mundane, showing us the way to an alternate world. And hey, Mumbai has some beauties. Check out these top recommendations for themed restaurants in Mumbai that we have compiled for you.

    Village, The Soul of India

    Theme: Village setup 

    An ode to village life, Mumbai’s village-theme restaurant pays tribute to the rustic lifestyle in most of the country. They have unlimited meal options for South Indian, Gujarati and Marwari cuisine. It’s cozy and has a charm of its own with the décor that truly stands out – a pottery nook, and handicrafts around the entire joint.

    What To Eat: Chaat, Pav Bhaji and Street Food, Gujarati Snacks, South Indian Meals

    Leaping Windows

    Theme: Books

    If you’re into books, you’ll love this place! With indoor, outdoor and rooftop seating, the place is decorated with comic artwork (even Tintin murals) and even offers some delicious food. So, you can grab your favourite book, find the perfect corner and start reading!

    What To Eat: Cajun Burger, Hot Chocolate, Banoffee Pie, Sandwiches

    Café Hydro

    Cafe Hydro

    Borivali East, Mumbai

    Theme: Aqua

    Mumbai’s first aqua theme restaurant, Café Hydro in Borivali, is a two-floored eatery that serves delicious Asian and oriental cuisine. As the name suggests, it’s all about life in water, with the first floor representing the calmness of the ocean and the second floor – the green and soothing surroundings of a garden.

    What To Eat: Sea Food, Fast Food

    Bar Stock Exchange

    Theme: Stock Markets

    Broke but wanna drink? This bar remains our favourite to grab cheap booze after-work. BSE as it’s fondly called, Bar Stock Exchange has nine outlets around the city, with the Colaba outlet being our favourite for its décor. The famous eatery is known for its drinks and attracts people thronging to get them at the cheapest prices every day.

    If you’re looking to drink the night away, BSE is the perfect venue to head to with you gang or office colleagues. The prices for the drinks are displayed on a digital board, much like a stock exchange. The prices can go down as low as INR 18 for a peg of Old Monk, or INR 40 for a pint of beer. All you need to do? Order something that’s not popular.

    What To Eat: Jalapeno balls, peri peri peanuts, loaded fries, Thai basil chicken and more

    Poush, Malad

    Theme: Essence of Kashmir

    With pretty houseboat style seating, Poush is a one-of-a-kind restaurant that serves authentic and lip-smacking Kashmiri food. Located in Malad, near Movietime Cinema, this eatery caters to both, vegetarian and hardcore non-vegetarian lovers. Kashmiri cuisine.

    This place is a must-visit for its food and exotic ambience with shikara-like cubicles and warm hospitality. They have an a la carte menu, along with a mini buffet. They also offer thaalis in the form of a huge thaal which provides a complete meal experience for every kind of a foodie lover. You’re sure to have an authentic and unique experience with appetizing food.

    What To Eat: Mutton rista kanti, kokur sheekh kanti and the gosht yakhani

    Bhaijaanz, Khar

    Theme: Salman Khan

    Started off by hardcore bhaijan fans, this restaurant in Carter Road has everything – from the cuisine to the décor – revolving around the Bollywood star, Salman Khan. Enter the place and you’ll be greeted by some of his all-time popular dialogues like 'Dosti mai no sorry no thank you' or 'Ek baar jo maine commitment kar di' pasted on the walls.

    Look at the menu and you’ll see it’s divided into categories like Chicken Tussi Great Ho, Veg Ho Toh Aisa, Dabangg, Jai Ho Veg, Indi Chini Saath Saath Hain, As Sweet As Prem etc. From Salman Khan and his movie posters sprung across the wall to a miniature of Salman Khan’s balcony from where he waves his fans – this place is literally a mini-museum of the actor.

    Mighty Small, Lower Parel

    Mighty Small

    Lower Parel, Mumbai

    Theme: Circus

    Called Mighty Small, it resides in Smaaash (a popular gaming zone) and has caught our attention with its theme. Who likes carnivals? With hand-painted table tops, red and white seating booths and an overall chirpy ambience, Mighty Small is neither small in space or its menu. They have a buffet from Monday to Friday, at INR 399. Other than the buffet, dishes like pull-apart cheese bread that’s served with parsley butter (INR 249), pizza (INR 549), south Indian and north Indian fare are on the menu. We dig their ‘Treats’ section. Comprised of mini and mighty sizes, their treats section is a delight for dessert lovers. We’d recommend going for the buffet! What fun, eating in a circus! 

    What To Eat: Churros sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, layered cakes, brownies

    Heroes Lounge, Ghatkopar

    Heroes Lounge

    Ghatkopar East, Mumbai
    Theme: Superheroes

    A Marvel or a DC fan? Then this place is for you. Heroes Lounge is the latest entrant to the eating scene in Ghatkopar East and is making waves with its theme in the area. A superhero-themed sheesha lounge cum cafe that’s entirely vegetarian, Heroes Lounge serves Italian, Lebanese, Chinese and Thai. They have a separate section for hookah and serve food in the other section.

    What To Eat: Pepper hummus, pizza, zatar, falafel, cheese fritters