These rash free, biodegradable pads are the real deal and we can't keep calm!

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What Makes It Awesome

Are period stains a big worry for you? Is that period rash ruining your good mood? And is the guilt of destroying the environment with those sticky plastic pads looming large on you? If you too are stuck in this dilemma, then ladies, we have got just the solution for you! Saathi - A Gujarat based venture is set out to revolutionize the female hygiene industry with its eco friendly, organic, and locally sourced sanitary napkins. These amazing sanitary pads are not just easy on your skin with their plant-based materials but they also aid in keeping mama earth healthy - because they are plastic-free. These pads are a total lifesaver (literally!) so stock them up before your next cycle.

Saathi came into being back in 2015, a brainchild of three super creative minds on a mission to bring about sustainable and easily accessible sanitary napkins. With their personal and professional experiences, they thought of using bamboo and banana fiber, due to their absorbent properties, to make super comfortable and biodegradable pads and panty liners. To top it all off, all the raw ingredients are locally sourced! With these plastic-free and comfortable pads, Saathi makes sure that you take care of your skin and the environment around you. They also have a sanitary mask line to keep you safe during these challenging times.

They make sure that we aren’t worried to death of getting a stain or a rash. Saathi’s super light and leakage proof pads, let us float around like we aren’t even on our periods quite literally! So what's stopping you from ordering these in? We at LBB support local businesses and are fully #vocalforlocal, and Saathi ticks all the right boxes. So chip in to save our local artisans and the mother earth with these local and organic sanitary products. We are fully stocked up for our next cycle, what about you?


You can also choose which fiber you prefer or order in a trial package to get the best of both worlds. So say goodbye to those sticky plastic pads, and say hello to these sustainable and soft pads!