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Fun Things To Do Beyond Shopping In Growel's Mall In Kandivali

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Chilling at Growel's 101, with no intention of shopping? Or are you done investing in just the essentials? No worries, you can totally spend time here doing so much more! Read on to find out!

The Village

We love the (obviously) village ambience, the energy, and the food, too! Within The Village itself, there's so much you can do! Get your palms read, your hands henna-ed, dance away to the music and tuck into that delish Rajasthani food!

PVR Cinemas

It’s never a bad idea to watch a movie, and we know you miss the joy of watching stuff in an actual theatre. There’s a PVR Icon on the topmost floor of the mall, and we’re pretty sure there’s gotta be something you’ve been meaning to watch that’s being screened there! We suggest heading here after a round of shopping and a big meal. Plonk yourself in the seat with a coffee.


This is your quintessential arcade-style gaming zone. It’s got all the makings of the spot where you first discovered your natural affinity for virtual gaming - simulated games for driving, archery, basketball and even Pac-Man. It’s also got an air-hockey table, so be prepared to keep a close eye on when it’s free! Are you an adult, living out your younger days, despite having a youngling of your own? There are plenty of games for them, too!


A great place to have your manes cut and conditioned, Enrich is a dependable bet for dudes and girls, both. There's different stylists for different budgets, and since you're here, you might as well get yourself polished (or revamped... Your call!).
Try to make sure you get an appointment here before you go! And if you live close by, you might as well become a member. They've got pretty neat discounts!

Thai Elements Spa

We don't know who invented the concept of having whole spas inside malls, but might we say, it's honestly genius? We love the idea of spending the day shopping, eating great food, and then relaxing at a spa. Thai Elements is amazing, and they have membership plans you could look into if you're a massage junkie!