Hikes, Sunsets & History: Make The Most Of Your Weekend At Jawhar

Situated in the Western Ghats, Jawhar is a small town in the Palghar district of Maharashtra. Only around two and a half hours away from Mumbai, this small town is recommended for those who’re looking to take a nature break and enjoy some me-time, away from the bustling city life. Rich in history, culture and nature, a break to Jawhar is truly a great idea. Here's why! 

Jungle Hike To Dabdaba Falls

Dabdaba falls is one of the most popular attractions in Jawhar. Situated in the midst of a dense jungle in the Sahaydri Range, a trip to this lake involves trekking through the forest. A visit is recommended for all adventure and nature lovers. 

Best Time To Visit: Ideally, the monsoons.

P.S: Make sure you wear the right footwear before heading to the falls.

Hike Up To Bhopatgad Fort

If you like the outdoors, climb up to this fort in Jawhar. The Bhopatgad Fort is rich in history, and will introduce you to tales of the Maratha Kingdom. Also, the feeling of hiking all the way up and then watching the valley to see tiny house, and city lights is quite worth it, no?

What You Must Know: As per history, Shivaji Maharaj used to conduct his personal and official meetings in this fort.

Fun Fact: It is also believed that lord Ram visited this fort with Sita, and their sons Luv and Kush, and that there are four footprints on the fort that depict their presence.

Watch The Sun Fade Into Dusk

There's a sunset spot in Jawhar that provides gorgeous views of the sun, and comes highly recommended for nature lovers. Walk up here in the evening to enjoy the freshness of the air, the beautiful views and all the peace you'll never really find in the city.

P.S: There's also a temple called Gramadaivat nearby, in case you'd like to visit.

Tourist Attractions

Sunset Point

Sunset Point Road, Mukane Colony, Jawhar, Maharashtra


    Visit the Raj Bari a.k.a The Jai Vilas Palace

    This beautiful historic site is located on top of a hill, near Vikramgad, and is definitely worth a visit. Also known as Raj Bari, the palace once served as the home to the kings of Munke Family, and is rich in history! 

    P.S: There's a beautiful kaju garden in the premises that you might want to check out

    Tourist Attractions

    Jai Vilas Palace

    Jai Vilas Palace Road, Jawhar, Maharashtra


      Get Some Warli Home

      Warli paintings belong to the Adivasis, and originated in Maharashtra. These paintings depict humans involved in various activities like hunting, harvesting or even dancing, where humans are shown in stick figure form. These paintings are made using a bamboo stick. And the locals of Jawhar are masters in creating the best of Warli paintings. Since they’re a great souvenir to take back, canvas paintings and paintings on pots, boards, etc are commonly found in shops here.

      Shop From: There's a place called the Warli Painting Shop that's pure decor goals.

      Shell Out: INR 300 onward

      Eat A Home-cooked Meal

      There are no fancy places where you can enjoy a meal, but if you truly wish to experience the culture here, indulge in the local cuisine at a home-cooked meal. This memorable experience will introduce you to heart-warming hospitality, Maharashtrian culture and a rich cuisine.

      Eat At: Saaki, the family restaurant. They do Maharashtrian thalis right.