This Cafe Expands To The Busy Lanes Of Linking Road With Some Intriguing Decors

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What Makes It Awesome?

Aromas has established itself as one of the big brands in Mumbai with the opening of its 8th or 9th outlet in the posh area of linking road. I have previously visited the Vashi outlet long back and decided to give this new outlet a try. The setup is amazing, especially the decor part has been planned really well. We decided to sit in the area which looked more like one for private dining or a group of 15+. We decided to order mainly from the appetizer and the dessert section and a few from mains. I would highlight a few of those:

Mushrooms on Toast:- Its a very common experience with me that the presentation that looks average taste even better than the one that actually looks stunning. This one is an example of how looks can be misleading and this turned out to be the best dish of the evening. The minced mushroom on the properly toasted bread with cream just tasted excellent and is expected from a cafe to deliver something like this. A cafe style preparation and recommended.

Figs & goat cheese crostini:- The name itself is very intriguing apart from the fact that I have never tasted anjeer only as part of mocktail. The subtle sweetness of fig along with goat cheese ( a bit more firmer and drier than feta) was just a usual yet good combination. Worth a try!

Berry shakes:- One of the best berry shakes I had in terms of quality. We chose for mixed berry shake and customers have a choice of asking for strawberry and blackberry either of it. Thick and more like a smoothie. Recommended!

Peppered cottage cheese steak:- Yes you heard it right, cottage cheese steak and how innovative. Huge slices of cottage cheese marinated in black pepper and garlic served with barbeque sauce and some boiled veggies. Presentation? Top notch and very colourful. The taste was absolutely on point. Recommended!

Veg clubhouse:- We decided to stick with basic when it came to the sandwich section and ordered this classic preparation where you won't see much tweaking with the dishes and it's quite straightforward. The preparation was on par with expectation and there was no sacrifice on the portion size.

Tiramisu:- A very different presentation but an eggless delicacy ( which is the only point deviating from the o.g preparation). The essence of coffee/cocoa was also less as compared to the usual. Worth a try. VFM 4/5

Green Tea based cake:- I don't recall the name exactly but it was something on par with what I have written. Presentation again was perfect and a picturesque one. Coming to the taste part of it, it was more dry and hard. Can give it a miss.

What Could Be Better?

The desserts can improve for sure.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae