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This Instagram Account Is Selling Dream Catchers And Here's How You Can Get Your Hands On Them!

Zest Art

Available Online

What Makes It Awesome

Dream Catchers represent the circle of life and how the sun and moon travel across the sky. The dream catcher web catches the bad dreams and the feathers act as fluffy pillows for the good dreams to flow in. With a similar thought, Zohra Keshwani - the maker of ZestArt - started making dream catchers for her friends and soon turned it into a business looking at the awesome response.

What Could Be Better?

She makes dream catchers to go with anything and everything! Want to jazz up your phone? Get a dream catcher phone accessory! Re-doing your bedroom? Use a dream catcher wind-chime {with fairy lights} or a dream catcher wall hanging and spread good vibes! Don't know what to gift your friend? Go for the beautiful dream catcher necklace. Got a new vehicle? Here's your dream catcher keychain to pair it with!

What's My Pro Tip?

You know what the best part is? You can get it customised according to your favourite colours and designs!

Anything Else?

The key chains and mobile accessory start from INR 60 and the room decor and wall hangings go up to INR 250 as according to your customisation.

Zest Art

Available Online