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Fazlani Natures Nest

What Makes It Awesome?

•Why Visit Fazlani? We call our city the busiest, one that never sleeps, the city of dreams. And What's the most important thing that we of all people deserve? -Time with our family at a stress-free vacation. -A noiseless and pollution-free clean and green environment; -A place where we can get rejuvenated with wellness, peaceful sleep, beautiful nature and healthy organic food. •About Fazlani @fazlaninaturesnest wellness resort is exactly the place that provides the above and a place that we deserve to take a break at. Located between Mumbai and Pune, this 150-acre property is recognized for its therapeutic environment and enticing beauty. The nurturing environment of Fazlani Nature Nest houses some of the most exquisite traditional services, including Naturopathy, Ayurveda and Animal Therapy. It is one of the most serene places near Mumbai and Pune which is, ✓Alcohol-free ✓Smoke-free ✓Pollution-free ✓Vehicle free ✓Completely Organic The place grows its organic food, has their spa Centre, Stallion, Flora garden, Bird garden, Villas, cottages, pools and of course hills and a lake for the view. •Hospitality & Service This place has a deeper level of hospitality and service which they provide. I call it God-like. And they treat every guest with immense respect and stay true to ' Atithi Devo Bhava'. They have been very thoughtful with the way the place has been made and arranged. A guest wouldn't need to ask for anything as everything is readily available at hand within seconds. For Instance, your guide would be available to you as soon as you show up at the reception and will be there with you throughout your stay. For me, it was 'Siddu' and 'Rahila' who took care of me and my family throughout. Everyone from their security to their staff is always greeting you 'Namaste' with folded hands. • Food Now their culture of not making mistakes with things doesn't just end at Hospitality, they are perfect when it comes to their food as well. The chef makes sure their organic veggies and fruits from the nearby farm are fresh. Now there's a buffet for the guests with a variety of options to choose from entree, mains and desserts. Or the guests who have come for a strict wellness visit, they get wellness food from the menu especially curated by the chef himself. Now their servers like 'Suraj' in my case are amazing too and are always on their feet. I enjoyed both their wellness and buffet food. A lã carte menu is available as well for guests who haven't chosen the food inclusive package. • Stay The stay was super comfortable with luxurious rooms in the Villas which are names after flowers. They also have lakeside suits which are elegantly architectured. The rooms have automatic switches in suits as well. The water and electricity are always available and the room has snacks drinks and organic fruit basket. Look out of the window and you will either find a peacock or chirping birds or sunrise or just serene lake water with greens around or all of it too. • Organic Farm -Their organic farm consists of all types of fruits, roots and vegetable plants which is a tour in itself. • Flower garden -They also have risen polio and Flora garden which is 1 Acre of the rose plantation which they export and is a business of Mr Fazlani in itself. There's a tour of how roses of different breeds are planted, taken hard care, grown, detached, packaged, froze, stored and exported. • Stallion and Animal Therapy. They have a stallion with about 20+ horses and ponies that are retired from races and games. These are active horses and are done with their time at the Studs. We learnt about so many different breeds of horses and where all they hail from. It takes a man to save these horses and give them shelter as most horses who are not of use to the game are gotten rid of. They get the old, diseased and blind horses treated too. Now they have a special wellness plan for stallion and horses too. It is believed that horses were man's first pet and the relation of a man and horse goes way back. Horses understand humans way deeper and faster than any other animal too. I was surprised to know this fact too! They have a special wellness plan to cure stress and Depression with the horses. They have doctors here who chalk out a wellness plan to curb depression by working with horses where you spend time with them for a few days - bathe them, ride them, take care of them etc. • Bird Garden - They have Ducks, Turkeys and Peacocks in the greens and it's fun to just see them walk around and quack in a flock • Hobby shop - They have a hobby area where we learnt things like mehndi design and pottery. They are many more such fun learning activities • Wellness centre - They have their wellness centre which runs yoga sessions, gym, spas, therapies. Their doctors here are amazing and they understand every small issue with your health, make you fill-up the form and then suggest you the best therapy from their range of offerings like Ayurvedic types with special oils, Rejuvenation spas, Massage spas, Hydro Spa, Colour Spa etc. I opted for Abhiyangam which is an ayurvedic oil spa followed by a steam bath. Their spa was so relaxing and amazing. Haven't had something like this in India. • Green Land Naturotherapy - The place is green with grass and trees and a human gets rejuvenated and rebuilt in the greens • Social cause and School - They have a certified school till 12th std of ICSE and CBSE where they make adopted kids study, stay and eat for free and they make their staff stay in the staff colony close by inside the resort land itself and they give heir kids free education as well. They also allow staff family to stay in the colony. Food, Clothing and Shelter is the thing this place is full of and all these things are so touching when you experience them. I was just always happy with a smile on my face as I walked everywhere with my family on this property and had just one question Every time - Is this what heaven would be like? Cause for me it is! Cost : Starts from 10,000 per night

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Fazlani Natures Nest