This Asian Fine Dine Has Beautiful Interiors And A Retail Space

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What Makes It Awesome?

This place has the most vibrant ambience. Beautiful lights, hangings planters, their antique cutlery and plates are really fancy. They have sets of cutlery and furniture you can buy as well. The presentation of their food is also spectacular.

Plum and Passion - It's a cocktail of plum, rum, vodka, passion fruit juice, grilled lemon, pomegranate wine, chilli, and wasabi nuts. It looked good and tasted amazing.

Plum Berry Sour - Whiskey, honey mead wine, homemade blackberry liqueur, egg white, cookie dough. Delicious.

Spicy Barbequed Chicken Bao - They make their own Bao and it was done to perfection. Stylishly made in their own antique style, soft, fluffy, and filled with spicy BBQ chopped chicken which was really tender. Ordered it twice.

Schezuan Pepper Roast Chicken Salad - The salad was delicious and is a must try here. Tender and thin slicing of everything made it look and feel really light.

Prawn Sesame Toast - The deep fried toast was topped with finely chopped prawns and coated beautifully with sesame seeds. The taste was heavenly.

Planter Broccoli Birdeye - It was so good, I literally had tears in my eyes while eating this. I repeated this dish and it was totally worth it.

Spinach and Seabass rolled Dumpling - The fish was rolled in fresh spinach leaves and Seabass. Very unique.

White Fungus Chicken Tempura Asparagus Uramaki and Salmon Spicy Mayo Uramaki - These sushis of chicken and salmon respectively made our Pan-Asian afternoon a success. They were great to taste and beautiful to look at.

Plum Bento Box- a box with small portions of everything mixed up- It had fried chicken rice, stir-fry chicken, and tiger prawns. Red Thai Curry - Had the red Thai curry with rice, it wasn't made in coconut base but in Dryfruit peanut base.

Plum Tropical Fruit Citrus Cheesecake - The green cheesecake is something I'll never forget in my life. It was amazing, with the chopped tropical fruits. The cheesecake scoop was coated with a citrus syrup which was a bit sweet and totally worth it.

Nutella Sushi Uramaki - Nutella, banana coated with green rice sushi. It was just plain nice.

How Much Did It Cost?

INR 1,000 - INR 3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, and Bae.