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Royalty Redefined: Enter A Different Level Of Food Complexity & Experience

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What Makes It Awesome?

Taftoon is one of those Royal Culinary places where you would just not be able to forget your wholesome experience of your visit and I think that's what is important and modern consumers are looking for.

That emotional experience when it comes to the food, taste, flavour, aroma and the ambience here is what a place like Taftoon is made for.
Getting into the details of every ingredient and it's connection to the history and Indian culture made us go wow!
We were flabbergasted with the deliciousness of the food and the servers explaining the origins and the way of preparations which kept on adding life to the food.

This place takes the best foods from the north, northwest, northeast India as well as best foods from old Indian states - Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan gives a plethora of options to divulge into.

Entrée had some delicacies like Ludhianvi inspired Soya Chaap which was soft as cotton, to the Mutton Ghost - which was prepared with the spices and condiments in spiced masala roast gravy.

From Lucknowi Mirza Hasnu Tikka which is slow roasted and cooked boneless Chicken to Sialkot inspired Sirka Mirch ki Jhaang which is chicken thigh based roast dish - the preparations made us call for more
Their Amritsari chhote-chhole kulche reminded us of the streets of Amritsar.

The mains had Kaali Dal preparations inspired from temples of Amritsar with a modern twist of creaminess and Jains who visit this place go for it as its prepared without Onion and Garlic.

Their main highlights were the bread like Kashmiri Taftoon bread with hints of Kesar in it( by which they have named the place) and other bread they serve - be it Amritsari Laal Naan and Khamiri Afghan rotis, which are fermented bread.

The other mains included Kashmiri styled minced red mutton and Bangladesh inspired cooked Chicken in coconut and cashew Currey.
The veg options had aloo methi and Kashmiri Bottle gourd kofte made in Kesar, mustard masala and mustard oil, heavenly!!

My personal favourite here was their Dumpukht's Safed Ghost ki Purdah-Nashin biryani which is dum biryani made with yellow spiced Lamb and yoghurt. Lamb meat was succulent and just came out of the bone so easily. That's the beauty of slow-cooked dum in a clay pot covered with dough

Desserts we tried were homemade styled Kaju kulfi but the highlight was Kashmiri Shufta which was something we had for the first time and were awestruck.

It's made with a ghee mixed compote of fried paneer, apricots, pistachio, dried coconuts and sultana served with Mango ice-cream, clear Kashmiri white honey and rose petals!
Now that's a complex modern dish we would love to cherish

Kudos to places like these that take us on a journey of experiences !!

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids