This Restaurant In Bandra Is Serving Authentic South Indian Food!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Madras Diaries is setting the standard high for South Indian food at Bandra. Bandra all Known for its multiple cuisine restaurants and party hub of Mumbai.

Coming to food and beverages.
Cheese chilli jalapeno idli: small mini idli stuffed with jalapeno and served with cheese simply awesome combination. Chef made something that normally a person won't even think was served with masala Fondue basically it's 4 different varieties of chutney. Turai, beetroot, Tomato, and pineapple. All 4 flavours were simply awesome. 5/5

Dosa sandwich: now this is simply a pure South Indian style dosa served with a fusion of Mumbai street food sandwich. Potato made in chef's special species and some chewy Veggies which makes it simply good. Topped with cheese gave a good taste. 5/5

Coming to mini-meals. This can simply do for 2 people.
1 Bisibell rice was simply amazing with some cashews. It feels like comfort food
2 Veg Kurma: Was rich in taste Creamy and good to go veggies
3 Porial: again dry Veggies shorted in coconut, tight on tummy high in taste. loved it
4 Aloo tomato porial: now this was again dry vegetable. Damn nice
5 Rasam: all who love tomato soup made in South Indian style shall really love this moreover with a pinch of tamarind
6 Sambhar: high in Veggies and rich in flavours loved it
7 Dal Wada: now this something really amazing. It was crisp and really good to taste. Loved it
8 Pineapple Shira: was with good fruits and taste of pineapple served hot. And moreover famous of all south Indian places.
9 steamed rice and Malabari Paratha with some pickles and papad was a complete wholesome meal.

Coolers: kokum cooler was made with some changes like kokum mojito with lots of lemon and mint was really a refreshing drink.

Elaneer Cooler: made with a base of coconut water and mixed with some lemon and fizz was again refreshing one. Simply good to go.

Dessert rabadi malai kulfi: I am a rabadi lover and a kulfi lover too but getting this both in the same combination. Simply wow. Presentation of serving in Matka was a good idea but then moreover the malai kulfi was simply awesome rich in cream.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000