Ten-Second Takeaway

A menswear shop in Bandra has two things in its favour: a rather smashing name, Crash Boom Bang, and a brilliantly priced collection of export surplus clothes and accessories for the dudes.

Why Should I Go There?


It’s hard to find good shops which focus on men’s collection only. Here, you will find everything for your wardrobe from head to toe – shoes, jeans, trousers, formal shirts, casual t-shirts, and even work blazers.

They stock export surpluses {original brands with a minor defect that we probably won’t ever notice}, although they also stock a few ‘Chinese’ products so ask them when in doubt. In shoes, we found a few Ted Baker and Massimo Dutti leather shoes priced at INR 4,500, which is a fraction of the original pricing. They also have in stock Toms for INR 850 only.

Buy smart shirts for work {by brands such as Old Navy, Mango} and everyday T-shirts too. They have a wall lined with a variety of jeans, chequered and tapered trousers in olive green colour, blue, etc. Comic-fanatics will love the sheer number of comic T-shirts by DC, Avengers, and other Indian companies available here.

#LBBTip: Buying a gift but not sure of the size? These guys allow a return period of about two days. Generous, we know.

So, We’re Saying…


Toms shoes, chino pants, and good quality shirts at throwaway prices such as these are what a man’s dream wardrobe is made of.

Photos: Bhavika Govil/LBB