Ten-Second Takeaway

Managed and programmed by DJ Aqeel, Level Next – Colaba’s newest all-Bollywood club opened its doors to party-goers on Friday, November 25.

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Remember, Prive? In case you were too young then, you might remember Alibii. Prive-turned-Alibii will has now converted into an all-Bollywood club with a new look, feel and a promise to provide party hoppers with plenty more fun.

Owned by the good folks behind Sirkus, Level Next, as it’s called, is managed and programmed entirely by DJ Aqueel and opened its doors to us all on November 25. The club is touted to be the country’s first luxury Bollywood night club, and the opening saw DJ Aqueel and DJ Suketu churning out some mad tunes. The club won’t play any other tracks apart from Bollywood, so those who love them, here’s your chance to go crazy.

Anything Else

In a couple of weeks from now, the team plans to open the Level Next Bar, which will replace Japani and will have a lounge-ish feel to it. And here, even though it won’t be a club, the music will be anything but Bollywood. The food and drinks will both have mid-range pricing, so don’t you worry about getting broke.

So, We’re Thinking…

In its days, prive was the coolest club around. Though high-end, it certainly was a place where Mumbaikars let their hair loose. Though Alibii did manage to pull in a huge crowd, we’re now waiting to see if Level Next will take this space and the club scene in the city to the next level or not.

Featured photo source: Pexels