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House Parties Are So 2016: Here's How To Throw A Yacht Party In Mumbai


    The Arabian Sea embracing Mumbai is a picture out of the old Bollywood films; scenic and lovely. We thought, why let that go to waste? If you’ve wanted to throw a party at a yacht in Mumbai whilst sailing away into the sunset, we’ve got you covered.

    Aye Aye Captain

    You can rent the sail yachts from them as they offer customised packages according to what kind of a party you want to throw. However, we did some digging up so at least you have an idea how and if you ever plan to throw a lavish party, you can do it right. They only sail from 7am till 8pm, sometimes stretching it till 8.30pm. So we advise, if you want to book longer hours book in advance.

    What's On Offer?

    For two hours, you can set sail from the Getaway Jetty to the middle of the sea. You need to book it in advance, give them a heads up on the number of people, food and drinks {if you’d like} to be served. For a total of 10 people, it’ll cost INR 23,500, that is, INR 2,350 per head. This excludes the transfer time from the jetty to the actual yacht {which is approximately half an hour, coming and going}.

    The yacht will be a proper two deck place, with a washing room and other amenities. Since you’ll be out at the sea, they can also sort out catering for you, as they have a tie up with Cafe Royale in Colaba. For INR 1,400 per head, you can gorge on two starters, a main course, dessert and beverages. If you want to extend your sailing time, there’ll be an additional charge of INR 7,000 per hour. If that’s too steep for you and you do want the yacht for a longer period, say all day long, it’ll cost you at least INR 65,000. We do recommend calling them up beforehand as they’ll even offer discounts depending on your requirements.

    #LBBTip: We’re all about being low key, so as a heads up, if you do want some alcohol on board, let the company know. Of course, mum’s the word here.

    So, We're Saying...

    Isn’t partying on land so passe and 2016? Well now you have an option, and you can set sail straight into the blue clear sea with your friends.

    For booking and more information, check their website here.