Timeless and Artisanal: This Homegrown Clothing Brand Ticks All The Right Boxes!

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Wood & Yarn

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What Makes It Awesome?

The word “sari” means “strip of cloth” in Sanskrit. But for the Indian women—and a few men—who have been wrapping themselves in silk, cotton, or linen for millennia, these swaths of fabric are more than just simple garments. They’re symbols of national pride, ambassadors for traditional (and cutting-edge) design and craftsmanship, and a prime example of the rich differences in India’s 29 states. One such saree brand, Wood & Yarn, has been honoring the tradition of sarees through its artisanal and timeless designs since ages. 

What’s new about this brand is that it has introduced a very special festive collection called the Pride of Society. This collection comprises sarees that very much  represent a woman's world—and her pride.  Taking the four main pillars of society into consideration, Wood & Yarn have come up with a unique collection which depicts Benevolence, Propriety, Justice and Hope, all weaving a story through silk and elegance. From origami styles to floral patterns, modern designs to classic, timeless designs, Wood & Yarn have got it all. One look through the collections on their website and you'll fall hopelessly in love with everything on display. 

Pro Tip

Check out the entire collection of Wood & Yarn’s exquisite masterpieces that range across a variety of colors in pure handloom silk. You can check out their website to know all about their unique collection.