Swipe Right: Best Cosy Spots For A Tinder Date In Mumbai


    You’re meeting a stranger for the first time, that too on a date. Some privacy, some romance, and a little bit of budget-friendliness are major requirements. Here’s a list of some of our favourite Tinder date-friendly eateries that will make sure it’s a match.

    Gallops, Mahalaxmi


    Mahalaxmi, Mumbai

    How about having your first date under the stars? Right-out-of-a-movie feels, no? Gallops in Mahalaxmi is known for its old-world charm and popular staples on the menu. The restaurant has an Al Fresco - an outdoor venue that gives you access to the vast open sky while you dine. They've got lounge seating, as well as intimate dinner tables, and there are pretty chandeliers and fairy lights on the trees that form a beautiful canopy. You'll be in awe of the sheer elegance of the space, while you feast on scrumptious food with your (potential) Bae! 

    Shell Out: INR 2,600 for two

    Candies, Bandra


    Bandra West, Mumbai

    This one's a Bandra staple. And is frequented by college couples on a budget, or just any couple on a budget, actually. The place has beautiful interiors, ones that will teleport you to Greece. Spread across 3 floors, with both outdoor and indoor seating, Candies makes for a great first date spot.

    Shell Out: INR 700 for two

    1BHK, Oshiwara

    This one's a hidden, open-air, bohemian style restaurant and café with a very unconventional ambience and vibe. The place is surrounded by gorgeous trees, plants, a spiral stairway and has a very cosy vibe. The tranquil alfresco setting will put you in a perfect mood to enjoy conversations with your date. IBHK is also home to theatre performances, music gigs, art shows, literature discussions, spiritual pursuits and more. 

    Shell Out: INR 1,600 for two

    Tea Villa Cafe (Multiple Outlets)

    Tea Villa Cafe

    Bandra West, Mumbai

    For some dates, the battle-hardened Tinder user might not want to commit to too much time – for example, a dinner or drinks. For those looking for a quick and casual coffee to gauge compatibility, head to Tea Villa Cafe. Besides having tables placed at a respectable distance from each other (ensuring privacy), we also like their freshly brewed coffee and garam chai. We also recommend their Nutella pancakes if the date is going well. 

    Shell Out: INR 1,000 for two

    Gustoso, Bandra

    Did you bond on Tinder chat about how you’re both obsessed with food? Head to Gustoso - It’s a romantic, well-designed restaurant with a menu that can’t be beaten, especially if (like us), you have a soft spot for pizza. Try their pizze (thin crust and available only in 12-inch sizes, so more food for two people) and their dishy pastas aka paste, for delightful flavours. 
    Also check out their exceptional dessert cocktail list if you’ve both got a thing for Baileys.

    Shell Out: INR 3,000 for two

    Mirchi & Mime, Powai

    Raising your finger to call out to your server is probably one of dining etiquette’s most unforgiving faux pas, but at Mirchi and Mime, that’s exactly what you do. If you both love trying new things, get your date to this restaurant which has a unique concept - their service team is hearing and speech impaired, but give you the finest service and a beautiful smile each time. Try out their assorted tava platter, the Sufiyani chicken biryani or the tandoori prawn and fish seekh (they have an open kitchen and the delicious smell from the tandoor cannot be ignored). The beautiful ambience and a complete bar facility are add-ons that make this place ideal for a first date. 

    Shell Out: INR 1,800 for two

    Eddie's Bistro, Bandra

    Eddies Bistro

    Bandra West, Mumbai

    Are you both smokers? In our opinion, the outside seating area at Eddies Bistro in Bandra has one of the most romantic yet smoker-friendly setups we’ve ever seen. With fairy lights, wooden benches and music at the perfect volume, we recommend this place for a discussion about how you both, like, really need to quit smoking. We like their food too – try out the steak, it’s one of our favourites in town.

    Shell Out: INR 2,000 for two

    Mockingbird Cafe, Churchgate

    If you and your date are both into reading, this book-themed café is where you should be. They even serve drinks with quirky, book-related names and their cheesecake is highly recommended by patrons. Get here and discuss your favourite literary works over a fun meal, while seated in a cosy ambience. 

    Shell Out: INR 1,700 for two

    Birdsong Cafe, Bandra

    If you both are into health and fitness, this organic café is ideal for your first date. They serve some of the most delicious healthy food we’ve sampled in the city. Check out Birdsong Café for its cute ambience (it’s located on Hill Road in Bandra) and healthy, yet very tasty food. Try their chicken and mustard gouda sandwich- it’s filling and delicious. Also, their gooey chocolate cake is sinful, so end the meal on a high note.

    Shell Out: INR 1,600 for two