Bite-Size Treat: Try These Tiny Cookies That Are Big On Flavour

    Available on LBB

    What Makes It Awesome

    How many times have we wanted to reach out for a sweet treat but decided they were too heavy or too much and stopped ourselves? Many, right? But sometimes, we just want to give in to the craving and indulge. Well, here's something of a compromise: Tiny Tub makes bite-size treats that will get that sweet tooth satiated and also leave you feeling a teensy less guilty (unless you eat the whole tub in one go - we're not judging!)

    Completely preservative-free and made with real butter, these treats are wholesome goodness. They've got a few delicious options to choose from - each comes in a - you guessed it - a tiny tub of its own. There's moreish chocolate chip cookies, snickerdoodle cookies, strawberry shortbread, tiny double chocolate crinkle, and even tiny bread knots for those who don't love sweet stuff. These also make for great apps when you're entertaining!

    Currently, they have two of their bestsellers - the chocolate chip and snickerdoodle available right here on LBB! Add to cart now. One tub will cost you INR 125.

    What Could Be Better

    We'd love to see a few more options available here.

      Available on LBB