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Hot Hot Hot! Spice Up Those Boring Meals With These Homemade Condiments

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What Makes It Awesome

I love hot sauce. Can't do without it and liberally douse everything I can with it. If you thought that I'd stop at just sandwiches or pizza, you'd be wrong. Even some bland sabzis have been creatively pepped up with the addition of spicy sauce or a sprinkle of sukha chutney. So not too surprising that when I stumbled across a brand that specialises in hot sauces and spice mixes, I had to know more.

Sai the founder of Total Saucery was always fascinated by our condiments and spices and the rich variety of ingredients and flavours that we have in India already, aside from the imported hot sauces that you get at supermarkets and stores. Think interesting takes on childhood flavours that you may be familiar with, but served up with a twist. What started out as a kitchen experiment has blossomed into a fledgeling business. Their products are all about introducing the idea of fun back into cooking and making it more of an engaging activity than a chore. With this in mind, they even send across a recipe booklet with each order!

Currently they've got 3 options - The Puli Inji-rious Sauce, a sweet-sour-spicy sauce inspired by Kerela's famous Puli-Inji or ginger tamarind dish. There's an Amma's Curry Powder to cook, season or marinate with and an Aachi's Chettinad Fire Powder that's great if you're planning to cook up a Chettinad meal. They also do seasonal sauces like a plum and birds eye chilli hot sauce, so keep an eye on their socials for new drops. We're looking forward to what else they come up with soon! Expect to shell out between INR 200 to 300 for their sauces and mixes. 


They deliver across Mumbai and you will be charged a nominal sum.