Tote-Talli Awesome: Tote On The Turf Has A Fancy New Bar That You Gotta Check Out

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What Makes It Awesome

If you've been a fan of the ever popular Tote on the Turf, boy, do we have some news for you! This city spot is breaking the mold and has reopened its doors with a new age bar that's all set to transport you to a space that's futuristic and 'with the times'. Did we mention wooing your senses? Ahem, yes. It'll woo your senses.
Walk in and you'll find wooden decor that's sleek and chic, taking you straight to one of those New York bars that you've seen in movies and have always wanted to visit. The lighting is more Mordor-esque, with red being the colour of the hour. The design is cutting edge, which includes booths, comfortable sofas to even high tables and chairs. There's a lot of natural light here, and the polished teak panels just make for a really chilled out, fun setting.
Now, let's get down to business. Their cocktail menu has concoctions that are curated with an Indian accent, like the Mumbai Margarita (an infusion of tequila, kala khatta and orange liquor) or Iski Uski (whisky, passion fruit puree, cinammon and star anise). There's the Mucchad (vodka, fresh paan and gulkand mix) or even the Khatta Meetha (speiced rum, tamarind, ginger and honey) that sounds like a dream.
If you're wondering how you could pair your drinks with the fare they have, let's tell you the menu. There's the Chakna Bento Box that comes in four variations - Nuts About Peanuts, Marinated Olives, Chakli Chameli and Papa-Dum. They also have delicacies like the spicy waffle chaat, Lord Of The Wings (erm, full points for the pun!) a selection of Burratas and kebabs. If you're looking at something more, they have baida rotis (slurp!) and tote bowls.
If you still have some space in your tummies, it's time we tell you what the desserts are. You can sink your teeth into some rich chocolate jalapeno ganache, yoghurt mousse or even freshly baked cookies with ice cream. Sounds like our day's just about perfect!
It's spanking new, pretty, perfect for the 'gram and has a lot to offer - when are you heading here?  

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