Happy Sashimi: Have You Visited Town Hall In Mumbai?

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Right in the heart of commercial Mumbai (read: the busy streets of Lower Parel) is a restaurant that's been famous in the capital. Say hello to Town Hall Mumbai.

What Makes It Awesome

Looking a lot like its counterpart in Delhi, you'll find soulful lighting, a huge bar right in the middle, knick-knacks reminding you why you love this city with a passion ( old Air India posters and other memorabilia) and even a pretty sushi counter. 

Chef Augusto Cabrera is right at the helm, keeping intact the regular signature dishes but also modifying as per the city's needs of greens and more vegetarian options. 

The Persia Americana is their signature vegetarian roll with asparagus, cucumber, Avocado and more. If you love seafood, their Salmon Wakame is a tasty treat (we've heard that the Salmon is flown in from Scotland!) 

While here, don't miss out on their signature sushi rolls And their Belgian barbecue spare ribs that are soft as hell and soul-satisfying. 

Their bar is envious, with a host of options and signature drinks that you must try. End your meal on a decadent note with their Pandan cheesecake with basil jelly. Truly delicious!


A meal for two will be an upwards of INR 2,000 if you love your food and drink. We're soy into this place!