Boys, Update Your Closet With Some Traditional Prints From This Brand: Vinegr

    What Makes It Awesome

    Here’s a brand which provides beautiful textiles and prints for men’s daily wear - finally! Vinegr is a men's clothing brand which sources ethnic and traditional prints from all over India and makes simplistic, yet beautiful shirts for the inner fashionista in you. They have a variety of comfortable shirts in gorgeous, hard to find patterns. We feel that we’ve opened a Pandora's box of textile art in traditional colours, all the while fusing with a modern look.

    You no longer need to source these handcrafted materials from different parts of the country as Vinegr brings them to you in unique colours and designs. From Ajrakhs of Kutchh to Ikats of Telangana, precious Indigos and intricate Jaipur prints with solid colours and traditional roots, you have all of it and more from Vinegr.

    Their line of shirts start from INR 699 and they have an under 999 range too, if you’re looking to buy a gift for someone on a budget. 

    What Could Be Better

    Their shirts come in a variety of designs but fewer sizes, so you will have to dig in before you find your specific size.


    Their shirts are made the traditional way with natural dyes, so you have to take care of them while washing, as the colour may bleed. Vinegr has provided all the instructions for washing on their website alongside each shirt.