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Stay & Eat For Free With These Travel Companies That Let You Volunteer Across The World

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    If you’re one of those people who’re low on dough but still want to take a vacation, get to know different cultures, interact with different people and are willing to work {don’t worry, it’s minimal effort}, you’re going to love these interesting opportunities we found for you. In exchange for volunteer work, you can earn a free holiday abroad and some of these companies will even pay you for the services you offer {no kidding}. So pack your bags already!


    This company offers free vacations to English speakers who spend a week or two in the beautiful hotels or resorts in Spain teaching native Germans/Spaniards the basics of the language. At the cost of paying only your flight tickets, drink Spanish Wine, interact with fellow travellers, explore the town and gain a cultural experience that’ll stay with you for life.
    Find out more details about the program here.

    HouseCarers & Housesitters

    Websites like HouseCarers & Trusted Housesitters let you cut down on expensive accomodation costs as you take care of someone’s house or their pet while they are away. Just remember that you’re in charge of their house or pet, so act responsibly and enjoy life as a local. Who knew helping other folks could be so rewarding and fun?


    World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms is a perfect way to embark on an exciting adventure for travellers who don’t mind helping out with daily tasks on farms. For a few hours a day, experience life as a farmer as you make wine or go fruit-picking across orchards and for the rest of the day, chill and explore the city.

    Workaway And HelpX

    Workaway and HelpX connect travellers with locals who are looking for help from volunteers around the globe and in exchange, they provide free stay and meals {some even give a stipend}. You could help out with canoeing and other activities at a picturesque campsite in Prague or work at an eco-lodge in Chiang Mai that rescues elephants. Volunteering is indeed a great way to travel affordably as well as gather unique experiences.

    Disclaimer: The visa and volunteer work prerequisites are subject to country laws. Please check with the travel companies/ concerned embassies before applying.