In Them We Trust: 5 Travel Firms Who Plan That Perfect Getaway

Shaili posted on 09 December


Everyone loves a good holiday to get away from the madness of the big city. While most of us sit down and list down every aspect of our trip, right from the food to places to visit and even things we want to buy there, some of us realise that planning isn’t our forte, and leave it in the capable hands of professionals who guarantee to delight.

Keeping that in mind, we’ve scoured around and found travel agents, or travel firms, that plan the perfect holiday.

Travelon 360

Based out of Mumbai, this company offers domestic, international, and adventure tours for those seeking thrill in their lives. Claiming to prioritise the traveller first, Travelon 360 also offers customised tours for its patrons. One of their areas of expertise is to help organise and promote tourism in wildlife parks in India and abroad (Kenya).

Contact: 9820067074

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Indiana Travel Services

A travel firm that offers leisure travel, corporate travel, adventure travel, and experiences, Indiana Travel Company claims to offer a wonderful holiday, thanks to its experienced team of travel guides, whose sole passion is to travel the world and provide experiences.

Contact: +91 22 6174 2222

Check them out here.

The Backpacker Co.

Offering packages to backpack through Europe, Japan, and Israel (separate packages, obviously), the Backpacker Company claims to take the road less travelled so that travellers can stumble upon some hidden gems along the way. This 10-year-old company has discovered new routes and made an experience out of a vacation.

PS - They have free nights in hostels on selected trips. Repeat travellers get a special price & early-bird prices on all trips! 

Contact: 9820027421

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Holidays Box

With presence in over 73 countries, Holidays Box offers unique experiences to the young and energetic looking to travel around the world. The team comprises highly experienced travel professionals and some creative tour designers who work with patrons to give you a custom experience with travelling each time.

PS - They currently have a special deal with Seychelles that is INR 66,000 for 3 nights-4 days, including flight tickets! 

Contact: 9833835566, 9820209964

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Women On Wanderlust (WOW)

Although their offices are based out of Delhi and Bengaluru, the WOW Club, as they like to be called, focuses mainly on women travellers who want to travel solo or in groups. WOW Club says it’s not a travel company or agency, but rather an exclusive travel club for women, which has several hundred members and schedules many interesting holidays every year.

Contact: 9871921623 (Mon-Sat: 10am – 6:30pm)

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