All Things Konkani: This Artsy Boutique Home Is Where You Should Be Next

Koyari Vacation Home


What's a vacay without some comfort and luxury? While we unwind from the vociferousness of city life, choosing the right stay is of utmost importance. And Koyari Vacation Home in Guhagar, is just that for you. 

What Makes It Awesome

This boutique home nestles amidst the greens of Gimavi, a remote village around 15 kilometers away from Guhagar, which is a seven-hour drive from Mumbai. With high ceilings and brick walls, Koyari Vacation Home aces it with its rustic charm. It houses a 3-acre organic farm, a private recreational area, where you can indulge in weaving conversations and memories, along with a private dining area, where you will be served authentic and scrumptious Konkani food and flavors by a caretaker. A veg Konkani thali costs INR 100. You can cook your own food in their kitchen too.

There's a front yard with a snug seating arrangement for you to sip on some coffee, and gaze at the stars. The bedroom is the coziest spot, with frames that boast of Konkani art, traditional lanterns, a fine wooden chair to comfortably sit and read a book or two, and pretty lampshades ambiently lighting up the room. Koyari can take in eight guests, and it hosts one group at a time so that you get to have your privacy. For INR 2,000 a night, it offers the best of rural experiences to you. The people of the village, Gimavi, are very friendly and will help you delve into their local culture. 

Koyari aims at helping you relax, rekindle your bonds, and take away memories. So if you're looking for an exploration of a new place, and yourself, heading to Koyari Vacation Home in Guhagar might just turn out to be the best decision. And if it does, you can thank us later. 

What Could Be Better

Guhagar is a bit far from the city, and Gimavi is even farther. Though the pro is that seclusion helps you be at peace, the con is that you need to have a lot of time in hand to collect this experience for yourself. So plan the trip accordingly. 


Since the property allows only one group at a time, make sure you book your stay before someone else does. You might have to wait for a long time to get your chance at it again. 

Koyari Vacation Home