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    Bored Of Stay-At-Home Weekends? Escape To The 'Valley Of The Shadows'

    Jayati posted on 12 October

    What Is It?

    This October, travel to the Sandhan Valley in Ahmednagar to camp under the open sky and enjoy a rocky adventure.

    Where Is It?

    Sandhan valley is an absolutely stunning marvel of nature with canyon-like deep valleys located in the Sahyadri mountain ranges near the Ratnagad Fort. Total travel time is a little less than three hours, so we would advise getting an early start.

    How Do I Get There?

    Organised by a Mumbai-based travel company, Mapping Journey, this trekking and camping trip to Sandhan valley will include all the transportation from Kasara to Asangaon, sharing tent accommodation, breakfast and dinner on day one and breakfast and lunch on day two.

    However, you have to arrange for your journey from Mumbai CST to Kasara which would take at least two hours and 40 minutes, so we recommend packing something light for the way. Also, make sure to check the train timings in advance, as train to Kasara aren't that frequent.

    What Is Unique About It?


    Sandhan valley is known by a lot of names such as the 'valley of shadows' to the 'valley of suspense' - because the trek in the valley at parts is covered by 300 foot-high rocks on both the sides, blocking the penetration of natural sunlight to enter the narrow paths. Fro scenic views to crossing big rocky boulders - you'll see it all.

    The trek begins from the Kasara station {also the pick up point} and ends at Asangaon station {the drop point}. To enter the valley, you'll be entering via a tiny village of Samrad which is at the base of the hill range and exiting from Asangaon village. The trek though open to everyone, is more suitable for people who are used to outdoor activities, as in certain patches you'll be expected to rappel down the rocks {with assistance of course}.

    Best Time To Visit?

    Just when the monsoons have ended, so you can enjoy the clear skies. Post the thrilling trek, you'll be camping in the valley under the open and clear skies of the hills. Sit by the warmth of the bonfire, discuss the quite wilderness around and just unwind. On day one, the day will end by a beautiful natural pool {thanks to the monsoons}, so you can be amazed by the moonlight bouncing off its surface.

    Don't Leave Home Without…

    Your stamina. We recommend this for people who have been physically active before as the trek can be really rocky and steep, though professional guidance will be available. Also, since you'll be in the hills, pack woolens to bear the cold breeze and carry trekking, anti-skid shoes.

    When: October 22 and October 23, 12.30 pm onwards

    Price: INR 1,700

    To book the tickets, go here.

    For more information, check the event on Facebook here.

    Photos source: Mapping Journeys

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    Tourist Attractions

    Sandhan Valley

      Location Details
      locationSamrad Village

      Sandhan Valley, Maharashtra

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        Tourist Attractions
        locationSamrad Village