Planning A Backpacking Trip? Check Out This Travel Planner

What Makes It Awesome

Planning a trip can be an arduous process. And planning a trip on a budget? Even more of a difficult proposition. That's why, we were super excited to stumble across Ithaka, a travel planning site, service and app that makes the experience both more tech savvy and more personalised at the same time. 

Calling themselves the 'the first chat based travel planning company in the world', Ithaka is unique in that it offers immediate answers to very specific questions - much of which is automated. This means that you don't have to scroll through long lists of information, articles or blogs, rather you get the information you need about your travel destination right on chat. 

What's great is that they help curate a complete experience - it isn't just about booking those tickets. It's also about connecting you to the right experiences, places to visit, stay, plan an itinerary and more on a single platform. Pretty useful in this day and age when we are strapped for time!

Currently the service is available for the following countries: Thailand, Bali, Europe, Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore and Turkey.