Ten-Second Takeaway

How often have you watched The Amazing Race and thought you could do that {and do it better}? Give these monthly treasure hunts across Mumbai a shot instead.

The Fast And The Curious


Bertram Fonseca, Stacy Vaz and Craig Fonseca, the Mumbai-loving trio at Travel Master Gogo organise a treasure hunt for everyone who loves exploring their city, and finding new ways of doing so.

One of the ones they’ve organised till now has been a Bandra hidden gems hunt, and are coming up with a Temple Run adventure next.

These guys put together these hunts based on either parts of the city, or certain themes. Using a trail of clues which you have to solve , you have to work your way till the end point. The fastest team wins themselves gifts and the right to feel smug.

How Can I Sign Up?


They post their treasure hunts on their Facebook page here, so follow them to stay in the loop of what’s next. Either sign up individually, or with friends on these events. Or you could even request for a private treasure hunt to be put together for you and a group of your friends {but get a minimum of six of you together and ask them at least a week in advance}.

So, We’re Saying…

City-lovin’ aint easy when you do the same old things again and again. Try out this fun way to explore, and beat your nemeses while you’re at it.

Price: INR 400 per person, INR 750 for a team

Photos courtesy: Travel Master Gogo